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Re: Prices

Post by westcountry » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:45 pm

Cockerarners or weikers?

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Re: Prices

Post by trekmoor » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:02 pm

Out of all the HPR breeds I have trained or helped to train the weimy is my least favourite. Maybe this breed would have been O.K. but the show fraternity got hold of it and made it fashionable for the general public to have a "grey ghost." Back street breeders bred anything to anything just for the money involved. So far none of the other HPR breeds have had to contend with so much general popularity. That kind of popularity does a breed no good at all.

I was told yesterday of wire haired vizsla pups being sold for £1200 each . I do like this breed but not at that price ! So far I have always managed to do pretty well with mid priced pups or even with cheap ones. I do try to buy from bitches and dogs with a good lineage but I don't think the best pups always come from red inked immediate ancestors......sometimes genetic ability seems to skip a generation.

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Re: Prices

Post by CockerCanuck » Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:48 pm

This is strictly academic because I doubt anyone is considering importing a dog from Canada but for the sake of comparison you can buy a pretty well bred gundog here of the more common breeds for $1000-1200 CAD which is 550-675GBP. Of course you can also pay more for high performance retriever trial prospects.

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Re: Prices

Post by Springfield Pointers » Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:04 am

The definition of a fair price is; what somebody is prepared to pay. I would pay good money for the right dog. But mostly the dogs that attract me are not usually dogs that are attractive to everyone. Mostly I had found that we were able to create great dogs from what we had built on. Admittedly, some good money was spent getting there.

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Re: Prices

Post by Nickheref » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:56 am

When my mentor and I had finally had enough of well bred but poor pups he announced that we should breed our own, choose the stud dogs, have pick of the litters and he would find a suitable young bitch to start with. A bit later I was summoned to his house and over the standard cup of tea and a chat he pushed a pedigree across the table at me and left the room, he returned five minutes later with a 6 month old black and white bitch pup who he told me was the "one" and one of us was going to buy her, the question was which one. There was only one problem, she was owned by his brother but she had been spotted by a pro who had made an agreement to buy her, the pro was a mate of my mentors and agreed we could have her as long as he got a pup from her first litter. It was only right that we paid my mentor's brother the same price as the pro had offered and the price was then a months salary which would then be roughly five times the price of a pup, about £2,500 to £ 3,000 today I suppose. At the time I was young, just started my first proper job and had more money than ever before in my life, single and no mortgage so I bought her. I have never, ever for one moment regretted spending that money! She was a joy to train and own, provided what my mentor and I believe were the best dogs we ever handled (although my mentor is now dead) and I am still shooting over her descendants 30 years later and have a soft spot for black and white springers.
I have regretted the purchase of some other pups though!!

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