New Season - same reminders!

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New Season - same reminders!

Post by smudge04 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:52 pm

As the forum continues to grow its great to see new people contributing to discussions and joining in - welcome to all the new members I haven't had time to say 'Hi' to!

As September arrives some of you may already be out working your dogs this season, for others the first day is just around the corner. Good luck and enjoy it!

A brief reminder of a few bits & bobs:
  • Asking advice - please use the discussion forums, that's what they are there for! Posting a question for everyone to see & respond to is so much more beneficial all round than PMing an individual for advice. Not only will you, as the poster, hopefully receive more than one point of view on your issue but others with similar problems can gain from your experience too.
  • Respect those who regularly offer advice - please remember that advice is offered for the benefit of each other, our dogs & with the best of intentions. If you have lots of questions - please try to post them up in the appropriate forum rather than PM individuals, as mentioned above this is better for the forum & fairer on the individuals.
  • Puppies for sale - if you benefit from the forum as a means of advertising your litter please consider a small donation towards our running costs in exchange
  • Lets continue to make everyone feel welcome & able to contribute regardless of their experience
  • Please have a read of the forum rules - there is a link in the pink bar above this post these do get tweaked from time to time.
  • Text speak - please can we avoid this completely if possible!
Thanks for all of your continued contributions :-D

Iain :-D

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