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This forum is readable by anyone who cares to look, please only put up telephone numbers and email addresses if you are sure you don't mind them being available to all and sundry. A land line number also gives a good clue as to your whereabouts, easy enough to research on line. With the current spate of thefts this is not a good idea. You also leave yourselves wide open to nuisance calls & Spam, most of us get enough of those without gifting people our details.

In future the Mods won't be removing telephone numbers or emails, we will leave it to you to decide whether its worth the risk.
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Adverts - Please read before posting

Post by smudge04 » Mon Jan 26, 2009 1:35 pm

The Gundog Training Forum is provided purely for the benefit of its members. The forum does not make profit nor is it affiliated to any organisation.
The adverts forum is provided to allow contributing members of the forum somewhere separate from the main discussion forums to advertise their services and products .
  • The primary function of this site is to share advice, experience, stories, help, guidance, information etc - we encourage all members to be active contributors.
  • We appreciate that many members may make some or all of their livelihoods from their Gundogs.
  • Remember our members joined and visit this forum to discuss topics and issues - not to view adverts!
  • Do not join the forum just to advertise - this is not what we're here for!
  • A minimum post requirement is in place for advertisers
  • This Adverts forum will operate under a fair usage policy, please do not over-use or abuse it.
  • This forum is run entirely voluntarily but there are some costs associated with its administration. Therefore we would appreciate anyone advertising here to make a donation towards the forum - if you benefit from the exposure, the members should benefit too. (There's a Paypal donation box on the Portal page)
  • All posts made to this forum will be checked by the moderators before they are allowed/published.
  • The forum cannot vouch for any of the adverts posted (buyer beware!).
  • If you are unhappy with any of the adverts posted please report the post to the moderators.
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