Close call for Fergal this Morning!!

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Re: Close call for Fergal this Morning!!

Post by CockerCanuck » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:57 pm

Rabies is nasty stuff. At one time Southern Ontario was considered one of the hotspots on the whole globe. When I was young it killed 90% of the foxes in the Province. Then it moved on to skunks. The Province now air drops bait packets with an oral vaccine in areas of out breaks and it seems to be working pretty well in keeping it under control. It will never be eliminated but it at least is no longer rampant. I was out scouting for turkeys last spring and saw the plane come over dropping packets in the bush. I found two and brought them home and put them at the fox den behind my house in hopes of vaccinating them. They raised four cubs last spring so I think it worked.

I have shot many racoons, skunks and one coyote that were obviously infected over the years.

Of course all our dogs and cats are vaccinated against it.

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