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These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Gundog Training Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Main

    1. Welcome to the Gundog Training Forum. This forum is intended for (but not limited to) anyone with an interest in training and working Gundogs. The forum aims to provide a friendly open community where we can discuss topics, share advice and learn from each other. We welcome all ages, nationalities, abilities and experiences. The primary purpose of the forum is to discuss training & working Gundogs, any peripheral sections are provided at our discretion so long as they are of benefit to the forum.

      This forum was created by and is maintained solely for its members and is run by volunteers who give up their own time to ensure that the forum runs smoothly and maintains its community feel. This means that Admin/Moderators are not online 24/7. It may take a while before we can respond to any issues that might arise and we do not necessarily monitor every single post. If you notice a problem please bring it to our attention (see below). The Moderators and Admin are here to ensure that the forum runs smoothly and may move, edit, lock or delete posts and topics at their discretion if they have good reason to do so, i.e. if they feel that they are in the wrong place, inappropriate etc.

      These rules are in place in order to protect and enhance this forum and to make it less time consuming to moderate and look after.

      The key thing we ask of all members is to respect the forum and the people behind the usernames. It is more than acceptable to disagree with another post or person but keep it respectful and polite and avoid making it personal, your opinion will carry much more weight if you do.

      Please note that these rules are subject to change at any time and new rules may be added as needed. In addition these rules apply to any messages within the body of your posts and private messages or in your avatars and signatures. In general, we allow any on-topic posts provided that they follow the rules below and are written constructively and maturely.

      • No attacks or insults towards other users. This includes but is not limited to name calling, harassment, prejudice or threats.
      • No messages which contain abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-orientated content are permitted.
      • Any prejudice towards race, gender, sexuality, religion or age is prohibited.
      • You agree not to post any material that may violate any laws be it of your country, the country where “Gundog Training Forum” is hosted or International Law
      • No defamatory comments. A defamatory comment is a comment which would have an adverse effect on the reputation of a person/ organisation / company etc. Defamatory comments may result in:

        • legal action being taken against the original author
        • legal action being taken against the forum
        • the forum being closed.
      • There may be people of all ages on here so please keep content clean.
      • Please respect other peoples methods, views and opinions
      • Everyone should be made to feel welcome and able to contribute regardless of their background, age or experience
      • Please check your post before submitting to ensure that it is relevant and well constructed.
      • Please try to use good grammar and spelling and do not use text-speak (ur, 2nite, cu l8r m8, etc)
      • Posts are written in black and white but the meaning may well be grey! Use the smilies to help convey your meaning :o , emotion :cry: and humour :lol:
      • If you feel your hackles going up :evil: , have a cuppa and re-read you response before submitting 8-)
      • You can alter your post in hindsight using the edit button
      • You may not post multiple threads on the same subject in order to increase your post count or gain attention.
      • No cross posting of the same post to multiple subforums within our message boards is allowed.
      • No trolling of the forums. Trolling is defined as posting with the intent of inciting trouble or trying to stir up complications or disrupting the conversation.
      • Please do not use the forums to conduct discussion between private parties. Please use PMs or email.
      • After a user account is deleted posts made may remain to preserve the flow of the topics they were made in

      Links, Signatures & Avatars
      • Links to other sites are OK provided that they are relevant to the topic and do not contain offensive, illegal or copyrighted material or are detrimental to this forum
      • Please keep Avatars and Signatures simple, small and clean. This helps make the threads more readable
      Commercial Links/Advertising in the main forums
      • Commercial advertising and/or spamming is not allowed in posts, PMs or emails
      • No links to products or services pages on websites to which you have a financial / commercial interest (unless clearly stated and previously arranged with site administrator or moderators) - This includes posts, avatars, signatures & PMs.
      • Commercial links are not allowed in your Avatar or Signature
      • You may include your name, i.e. "Internet Gundogs" in your signature rather than
      • You may include your website in the website field in your user profile
      Commercial Links/Advertising in the Adverts forum
      • All posts must be approved by Admin/Moderators
      • The Adverts forum is intended for active, contributing members of the forums. A minimum post requirement is in place.
      • The dogs/puppies for sale forum is intended for active, contributing members of the forums. A minimum post requirement is in place.
      • Minimum post requirements are intended to encourage members to join and be active forum members.
      • Posting for the sake of hitting the requirement and/or advertising within the first few months of membership is against the spirit of the forum and the moderators will take a dim view of those who do!
      • A donation towards the forum's running costs from members benefitting from advertising here would be appreciated ;) (See the Portal)
      • A fair-usage policy will be enforced - over-use or abuse of this forum will not be tolerated.
      • Commercial advertising links to products or services pages on websites to which you have a financial / commercial interest and/or spamming is not allowed in posts in other forums, PMs or emails.
      • Commercial links are not allowed in your Avatar or Signature
      • Only ONE username may be created per person. If you have forgotten your username and/or password or are unable to access your account, please click the register page. If you agree with the rules, click the Board Administrator link on the next page to request these details/reset your account.

      Some of the possible courses of action that may be taken in the event that one of these rules is breached are as follows:
      • The post may be edited
      • The post or thread may be deleted entirely
      • You may no longer be able to use signatures or avatars
      • You may receive a warning,
      • Suspension or permanent revocation of your forum privileges
      Please note that a warning will not necessarily be given and the Admin and Moderation team has the right to revoke forum privileges at any time.

      If you detect any post which you think goes against these rules or is offensive or inappropriate please do not post a reply as this can make matters worse. Instead click on the "report this post" icon at the top of the post and one of the moderators will deal with it.

      Terms of Use agreed to at time of registration: ucp.php?mode=terms #